Friday, March 11, 2011

Clearance Find!

Since one of my main motivations behind this blog is saving money, I had to share this!

I found this white floral print tights on the rack of clearance tights and socks at Target, and they were marked down to $4.90.  They had the pink flowers on white, and also had blue flowers on black (I passed on those, since I don't wear much blue).  At the Target I was at, the rack was almost hidden away so you may need to look really hard for these.

Here they are worn (sort of).  You can see that they also incorporate a little polka dot pattern.  Also, the packaging lists them as sheer, but I thought that they kept the white color really well!

Sorry for the blurry!
I had to use them in an outfit shortly after I got them (this was 2 days later).  I love 'em!

I'm hoping it stays sunny enough that I can post a review for a Bodyline item, next week.  It's been really cloudy, and my apartment is pretty dark so if there's not enough natural light I can't get very good pictures.  I've got my fingers crossed that it'll be sunny this weekend so I can get it done!

Finally, I wanted to apologize.  It is my intention to update on either Monday or Tuesday and I've been having a really hard time making that happen.  I picked up a lot of extra hours in the last few weeks and a lot of them have been working with a new co-worker who is not a nice person and seems to enjoy irritating the crap out of me and one other co-worker.  This has left me feeling really crappy and when I have days off, I just want to destroy things in mass numbers in video game form (my favorite things are Geth and Darkspawn). 
In addition to this, the last few weeks I was trying to bludgeon my way through another Dragon Age play-through before Dragon Age 2 came out, and then Dragon Age 2 came out and that's all I've been doing this week. 

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