Friday, February 11, 2011

On Being an Atypical Lolita - Outfit Post

I was going to update this last Tuesday, truly.  However, due to a series of events (which I think are pretty great) I was unable to.  I got a call from my sister Monday morning asking if I wanted to attend the Green Bay Packer's Return to Titletown celebration the next day.  After making sure she had a baby-sitter procured (Husband is such a great guy) we got three tickets, and they were so cheap!
I had a lot of other running around to do that morning as well, before I was picked up to go.
Big sister, myself and big brother.  Check out my sister and my deco sparkle!
For fun, my sister and I attached green and yellow crafting gems to our cheeks with eyelash glue (which works awesome, by the way)!
So, it was awesome, and that was probably the closest I'll ever be to my favorite player, Aaron Rodgers (#12 and the Super Bowl MVP) in my life!

So, by all accounts I sort of figure myself to be atypical as a Lolita.  While I do love things that are pretty and like many, many cute things as well as things like tea and baking, I do a lot of non-Lolita type things (often while wearing Lolita).  I also love working non-Lolita hobbies into my wardrobe.  This can be as simple as wearing my Mass Effect 2 Normandy SR2 necklace, with a plain coord, or wearing gamer fitted tees!  This last Sunday, I really feel I kicked that up a notch by wearing a Green Bay Packer inspired Lolita coord to the Super Bowl XLV party!  I'd been working on it for 2 weeks!
Outfit Rundown
Shirt - Official NFL Apparel
Skirt - F+F
Cardigan/Shoes - Offbrand
Jewelry/Accessories - Handmade by Me
Tights - Hand-me-Down and Dyed by Me

The most expensive thing in the coord is the skirt, which was on sale, after that it's my #12 shirt (it cost me, about $22.00 but I had to have it).  The cardigan I got on sale ( $18) at Kohl's.  Everything else, I previously had or cost me almost nothing to make!
I was really mad at my hair poofs, though.  I'd been practicing them all week, and they looked great!  This day I just couldn't get them to work as well, and I don't know what I did different.
Otherwise, I'm pleased with the coord as a casual look.  I'd love to get some more accessories and do it up in more of a sweet style though. 
Also, I know you want to see those cupcakes I'm holding up close, right?
You can't see very well, but the cake is actually a layered two-tone cake.  Also, I've never done dual colored piping (or used a large cupcake piping tip) before, so I was pleased at how well these came out!  I swear, it's that butter-cream frosting recipe I use.  It always comes out perfect!

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