Monday, January 10, 2011


Alright, here we go with this brand new blog that is a little bit like a New Year's Resolution.  For my first post, I just want to list down some things that I expect to try and accomplish here, along with why I want to do these things.

To start, a little bit of background.  As stated in my information, I'm in my mid-20's and I'm married.  My husband and I are both employed and hard-working, but money is often tight for us.  As such, I've found lots of ways to adapt my hobbies to our budget.  These hobbies would include: Lolita fashion, bento-making, jewelry making, cooking/baking, video games and various other crafts.  As such, I've found that it's possible to be extravagant almost every day, even when you're on a budget.  That's what I want this blog to be about.

To begin with, I really want to keep my focus within the scope of Lolita fashion, and ways to make it work when you're on a tight budget.  As far as I see, most of my other thrifty hobbies will be able to seamlessly weave in and out of this focus.  That's not to say that my focus will never change.  Part of the idea of "Everyday Extravagance" is all the little things that can happen in a day, or week, or month that make life and the world around us a little more beautiful.

So, to begin with, you can expect the following:
-Craft Tutorials (both of the practical and fun varieties)
-Product/Clothing Reviews
-Pictures of Pretty Foods (and hopefully recipes!)
-Views and Advice for ways to help stay within a tight budget.
-Pictures of Various Pretty Things

So, I hope I can really deliver and make this work for my sake, and for the sake of any out there interested in what I have to say.  If all goes well, I hope to make a schedule so that I can post once a week on one of my days off (either Tuesday or Sunday).
See!  It's my first picture of something pretty!
(BodyLine shoes with BTSSB socks)

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